Microsoft extends collaborative editing with “Matter Center”

News travels fast but it would appear that technology travels faster.

Today, Microsoft announced their intention to bring real-time collaborative editing to their more traditional client software. Pegged for legal professionals, the aptly named “Matter Center” would port the functionality of what Web Apps now offer into desktop versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The effects would be a much more natural feel to tag-teaming your way through an immense brief.

EDIT: It would appear that simultaneous collaborative editing is still limited to Office Online Web Apps.

Other features included with this Office extension include 1 TB of cloud storage, more robust search functionality across entire portfolios, and enhanced security or permissions. Many of the slated features are already available through the more economical Office 365 Home subscription.

A pilot program will likely start within the coming months. Applications can be submitted here.

Should I be accepted into the test program, and if the terms allow for it, a more comprehensive review will be posted on this blog at some point.

Source Microsoft Press Release via WMPoweruser

Image Pakistan’s Supreme Court


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