Alternate solutions to bypass terrible ‘customer service’

Surreptitious policies that provoke customer ire are frequently associated with large scale telecommunications providers. A recurring complaint relates to the quality of customer service. Now I’ll be the first to admit the damning incompetence of some phone representatives. Whether it pertains to their base knowledge, lack of experience, or hostile demeanor, sometimes it’s downright painful in the violently aggressive type of way. There’s got be a better method to elude the madness, right? Actually, there are several.


For instance, having owned a cable modem for three years on an active account, Comcast sent a letter explaining that they will begin billing a modem rental fee. Several calls and much aggravation later, nobody over the phone would assist in rightfully reclassifying the modem as owned. One trip to the local Comcast store & briefly flattering the female representative led to the issue being remedied.

While sometimes impractical, it is likely your best option. Face to face communication prevents some of the silly stunts afforded by anonymity.


If you are encountering a pervasive issue that goes beyond the scope of the front-end customer service agents, a governmental regulatory agency exists to intervene on your behalf. The Federal Communications Commission, otherwise known as the FCC, fields complaints regarding telecommunications providers. Their regulating text, Title 47, is about 3,000 pages in length. Reading that text would be a poor use of energy, but filing a complaint is still quite easy by filling in an online form.

Assuming your complaint is valid and devoid of superfluous rambling, the FCC will contact a special department of your provider. That special department will then contact you and attempt to resolve the issue. These departments are replete with representatives and technicians who are knowledgeable in several ways more than standard customer service. The resulting effect is a more pleasant service or troubleshooting experience. Even the automated system is friendlier, clearer, and easier to navigate.

Complaints can be filed at:


Deemed the “Customer Security Assurance” by Comcast, the agents within are better spoken, experienced, and overwhelmingly more equipped to address other educated peoples’ needs.

Sidenote: If you’re still reading, I’m assuming, perhaps mistakenly, that you’re fairly educated.

Comcast Customer Security Assurance (888) 565-3429


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