Cricket rebates in CT, RI, and Miami-Dade County are indeed valid

If you’ve been shopping around for inexpensive phone service, one name sure to come up is Cricket. The prices they offer on phones and phone service are amazing when factoring in their rebates. But, when you’re shopping on their website and click to open the rebate terms, a nice blip pops up reading:


It’s taken awhile, but I’ve gotten to the bottom of the meaning behind the fine print.
To clarify, Cricket rebates are valid everywhere in the US, BUT the way the phone is advertised as FREE isn’t.

In CT, RI, and Miami-Dade County, if a device costs $75 with a $75 rebate, it still has to be advertised as costing $75. So when Cricket advertises FREE PHONE on their website, technically, that promotion isn’t valid. The valid promotion is “$75 phone with $75 rebate”, but who the fcuk wants to write that?

In the off chance, you are one of the 6 or 7 million Americans confounded by this wording, rest assured, you’ll still get your rebates!


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