Who to persecute in a post marijuana legalization society?

No Rodney King. We cannot get along.

To subscribers of the System Justification Theory, it is a cohesive requirement that the within groups, the dominant group justifies its presence by belittling, persecuting, or otherwise ridiculing other persons or opposing groups. The theory is that by doing so, the dominant group’s ideology, values, and belief system is bolstered, cementing the group’s authority.

African-Americans were long the focus of belittlement in white America, but after the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, a huge void began diverging. Now that all peoples were “equal”, one group had to be admonished. But who, and under what pretext? In 1970, scandal-ridden president Richard Nixon signed into law the Controlled Substances Act. This scheduling of drugs has since been used to systematically persecute youth sub-culture, many of who are users of psychotropic and performance-enhancing drugs. This act allowed law-enforcement to once again concentrate their tactful patriotism towards again ensuring that the majority is “right” and the minority “wrong”.

Aside from the psychological elements, there exists an economic component to this sociological conundrum. A huge industry is supported by the persecution of these sub-groups. Aside from police, other occupations are borne out of legitimizing the majority through oppression of minorities. Legal secretaries, lawyers, judges, clerks, bailiffs, stenographers, corrections officers, prison architects, administrators, and countless other jobs are made possible by this system. Eliminating these individuals and their positions is preposterous, but the US can and will need to change its focus once again on who to persecute.

Some proponents of marijuana legalization estimate that all states will have legalized the substance to some degree by the year 2023. This will once again leave a void, which policy makers and enforcers will need to fill. Without accounting for interruptions to other industries, here are a few suggestions.

  • Outlaw obesity. Imagine if we could rid the country of obesity. Sending morbidly obese people and children to camps where they could get into shape. Think more boot camp and less concentration camp.
  • Removing cars and trucks from the road, the ones with abhorrent fumes emanating from their exhausts, and ruining our fresh air. These fumes are more detrimental to the health of country’s children than second-hand smoke and drugs combined.
  • Increase emphasis on issuing fines for littering
  • Create and enforce stricter codes relating to municipality-facing property aesthetics.

The writer is not condoning the intake of numerous scheduled drugs outside defined medical, psychological, espionage, or executive applications. It’s simply worth acknowledging that, post-marijuana legalization, other groups will need to be criminalized in order to maintain the status quo.


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