Cheese Melting Properties: Infographic

Someone posted an infographic on Reddit about different cheese types and how they melt. The graphical elements and text were way too small to attach on a fridge :\

After some searching, it turned out that the post on Reddit was a bang-up copy-paste remake of an even more outdated infographic found on

Original & Remake

Discontent with both, I spent a few hours making a new one.

Cheese Melt

The image is configured to print on legal size paper. Enjoy the fromage!


27 thoughts on “Cheese Melting Properties: Infographic”

  1. Hello! I’m a lifestyle writer for BuzzFeed and I would love to feature this chart in an upcoming roundup of kitchen infographics! I would credit you for the photo and link to the original post. Please let me know if these terms are acceptable.


    1. Sure. It’s been ages since I posted anything here :/

      I believe one of your colleagues at Buzzfeed featured it some time ago.
      Your inquiry is appreciated, however it is posted on the internet 😉

      Happy writings!


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